9 tips to score better on Tinder

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The season of holidays just passed and you probably already wrote your resolutions list for 2018. If you are single… and ready to mingle, a relationship is surely there, on the list. That’s why we prepared 9 tips to score better on Tinder!

Express yourself in your gallery

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Your Tinder gallery isn’t just a gallery! You should definitely express yourself in your pictures, mainly because whatever people see in your gallery is what represents you for them. Don’t be mad, you're doing the same thing. Actually, everybody does it - judging people by their gallery is just human nature.

So, if your passions and hobbies include ice skating, painting, singing, sports, food or whatever, try to reflect that softly (not only pictures with pizza and your paintings for sure!) in your pretty appealing gallery.

Post only your best

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A very important step regarding your gallery is to only post your best of the best. That doesn’t mean to have only stiff photos or selfies in the same angle. That’s lame! No, it means that you should post photos that compliment your looks, figure and personality.

Try to use only photos that make you look good, fun and happy.

Keep only the photos with yourself

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We live in the era of speed, that’s no news. 2018 is here already with technology, apps and trends coming and going. It shouldn’t be any surprise that nobody likes to search for you in your own photos. Why? Because time is precious, patience is little and life is short.

Reminder: No photos with other persons, especially with big groups.

Bio is everything

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Yes, looks and galleries matter! But more important is what you got to say about yourself, how you present yourself and carry yourself in front of others. You need to know how to say what is most important about you as short and precise as you can.

Tip: If you are on Twitter then you are good at this and can make a good bio.

No cheesy pick-up lines, please

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Imagine that a girl is into you and then you say something cheesy and ruin everything. That would be terrible, right? Well, that happens often as cheesy pick-up lines can be such a turn off. Try and play it more natural rather than using fake lines and over-trying to impress.

Show a bit of your personality in your conversations

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Your conversations should be natural yes, but should in the same time show more about who you are and what you like/dislike. A big tip is to reflect your awesome personality in your conversations while not bragging off.

If you are a funny person, make some jokes or if you are into fashion, talk about the new trends, styles and so on.

No nudes or dirty talking

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I don’t really know if this needs explanation, hence nobody likes to receive this kind of stuff from strangers on the internet.

Use GIFs

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We can all agree that GIFs make the internet a much fun place to be. Use GIFs to make the conversation funnier and more authentic. What is cool about GIFs is that you can find GIFs about almost anything and in response to everything you are talking about.

Time to go beyond Tinder

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Well, all in all, the last piece of advice and probably the most important one is to go beyond Tinder. That doesn’t mean you need to meet ASAP. Take it slow, but surely use platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger etc.

So, good luck with finding your half in 2018. With our fire tips, we are sure you’re gonna make it in no time!