Job interview? This is how you will nail it

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We all know the anxiety and emotions that come before a job interview. Been there, done that. If you are preparing yourself for a job interview or just want to know better for the future, this is how you will totally nail it.

Show that you are willing to learn

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Probably the most important advice that we can give you is to show that you are 100% willing to learn. What does that mean? Rather than claiming that you know how to do everything and being caught that you sugar-coated things, recognize that maybe you miss some knowledge (Don’t go overboard saying that you don’t know nothing either!), BUT – very important – you are willing to learn no matter what.

This will definitely differentiate you from the others that applied, hence not many people are aware of their weaknesses and can boldly own them.

Bonus: Don’t forget how important is to have a neat and formal look in order to look more professional. Whether we like it or not, first impressions matter, especially when we are talking about job interviews. You don’t want to lose a job because of your outfit, right?

On the other hand, just like everything in life, don’t overdo it. Being too stiff or formal can make you seem nervous and can be terrible for the outcome of your interview.

Demonstrate your value through stories

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Yes, everyone has a perfect CV with all their past jobs, skills and whatever they want to put there to impress. Employers see those every day, nothing new under the sun. Probably they are even bored of them, because people always portray the best in these CVs and not necessarily the reality.

What can you do to really impress your employers? Share stories from your work past that demonstrate your true value and skills in the working space. If you don’t know how to say these stories, we are here to help you!

Start with the initial situation, you can talk about a moment when the company you worked at was losing money or any situation that you saved. The second part includes talking about a big obstacle that you helped your company overcome (example: budget issues, deadlines). Next you will talk about the action you took in order to resolve things and get them back to normal. The last step should be the one to impress your employers. It’s time to talk about the results after action! For this part use real numbers and percentages to be more convincing.

Present your skills that match the requirements

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Observe what skills are required in the description of the job you applied for and then match your skills with them. This will definitely help you look like you are the perfect candidate for the job and impress the employers naturally.

So, if they are looking for someone that is flexible, you can say for example that you are a very adaptable person and prove it with a story, as we mentioned in a point before. Never say you have skills or characteristics that you don’t have, stick to being honest and open while still impressing.

In the end, don’t forget to smile and for sure using all these steps the job will be yours in no time!