Do you want to stop drinking in 2018? This is how you should do it

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Drinking can be a very serious issue that you don’t want to mess with, whether you do it just for fun or as a habit. That’s why it’s better to prevent any problems and to stop drinking as fast as possible. Do you want to stop drinking in 2018? This is how you should do it!

But first …

What are the benefits of not drinking?

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  • Better relationships with the people around you
  • Better physical shape
  • Better mental state
  • More energy for activities
  • Better performance at work and in the personal life

Did you know?

Alcohol is the most commonly used addictive substance in the United States with one in every 12 adults suffering from alcohol abuse or dependence, along with several million more that have binge drinking patterns which could lead in the future to alcohol problems.

The 5 steps towards recovery

1. Set a drinking goal.

It is important to set a goal just like with any thing that you wish in life. Be precise and write on a paper: “I stop drinking. My quit date is….”.

2. Make a big announcement.

In order to feel pressured to stay true to your goal, make a big announcement so that everyone knows that you want to quit drinking and you feel ashamed if you don’t.

3. Keep a drinking diary.

This may sound funny, but a drinking diary will help you a lot just like any diary. How? It will make you more aware of how much you drink and when you do it.

4. Get rid of all alcohol.

All alcohol from home must go away. Period. Give it as a gift to friends, family or just give it to your neighbours.

5. Avoid temptations by any means.

If you hang out with people that drink or in places with alcohol of course it will be hard for you to stay away from them.

Fact: Studies have shown that it only takes 6 minutes for brain cells to react to alcohol.

Don’t forget that in case of serious matters, it is important to contact a specialist and this is not an article with medical purposes. We wish you good luck with your drink quitting!

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