Why your cup of coffee is actually healthy

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There are different opinions towards the use of coffee in daily life: some people believe that it’s good, while others say that it is better to exclude this habit. Continue to read and find out the couple of reasons why your cup of coffee is actually healthy. 

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5 amazing things you didn’t know about coffee

1. Brazil and Columbia are the countries that produce 40% of the world’s coffee.

2. Kopi Luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee and it costs up to 600$ per pound.

3. “Espresso” in the Italian language literally means “when something is forced out”.

4. The name of the “Cappuccino” comes from the resemblance with the clothing of Capuchin monks.

5. Coffee beans grow in bushes.

Reasons why coffee is healthy

Reduces the chances of cancer

Despite the rumours that consuming coffee increases the chances of cancer, it seems that quite the opposite is the truth. The World Health Organization discovered that consuming a cup of coffee every day reduces the chances of cancer with an estimated 15%.

Helps fasten recovery

You probably know the feeling of sore muscles after a tough work out at the gym. What if a cup of coffee could actually help you fasten the recovery? Better believe it, because it was found that muscle soreness is reduced for the persons who consume caffeine an hour before the training.

Improves memory

Who doesn’t want to have a better memory? Apparently, a cup of coffee may help you get it. Researchers found out in 2014 that caffeine increases the ability of brain to create memories for the long term. Just drink one strong cup of coffee per day!

Gives you good vibes

Did you observe that your mood can change dramatically after one cup of coffee? For example, if you are in a bad mood, coffee can be a good antidepressant and boost your mood. Two cups per day are enough to see the benefits in time.

Burns fat in the body

Besides the energy, mood boost that you get from coffee, you get even more! Besides waking you up, coffee wakes your metabolism too. What does that mean? Drinking coffee before training is turning on the fat-burning mode of your body.

So, now you can tell your friends that told you that caffeine is bad for you that they were wrong. As a proof, just show them this article. Until then, enjoy your coffee!

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