10 songs over Barack Obama

10 songs over Barack Obama

Hier zijn tien songs over Barack Obama van onder meer Springsteen, Neil Young, will.i.am, Kanye & Jay Z.

1. will.i.am:  Yes We Can

“Yes we can to justice and equality/ Yes we can to opportunity and prosperity/ Yes we can heal this nation/ Yes we can repair this world/ Yes we can”

2. Nas: Black President

I think Obama provides hope and challenges minds/ Of all races and colors to erase the hate/ And try to love one another/ So many political snakes/ We in need of a break, I’m thinking I can trust this brotha …but will he keep it way real?

3. Joell Ortiz ft. Dante Hawkins: Letter To Obama


It’s time for a change/ And the change is Obama

4. Kidz in the Hall feat. Talib Kweli and Bun B: Work To Do

Critics say we can’t, but Obama says we can

5. Young Jeezy feat. Nas: My President

Tell him I’m doin’ fine, Obama for mankind / We ready for damn change so y’all let the man shine

6. Jay Z & Kanye West: Jocking Jay-Z

I rock with Obama, but I ain’t no politician

7. Neil Young: Looking for a leader

Someone walks among us/ And I hope he hears the call/And maybe it’s a woman/Or a black man after all/ Yeah maybe it’s Obama – wat hier straf aan is: Neil Young zong dit in 2006, toen er nog geen sprake van was dat Obama voor het presidentschap zou gaan.

8. Cocoa Tea: Barack Obama Reggae Song

Barack Obama, Barack Obama, Barack Obama/ Woyy woyyDem say/ Barack Obama, Barack Obama, Barack Obama/ Woyy woyy

9. Far East Movement: For All

10. Bruce Springsteen: Forward and Away We Go

I kissed your sister then I kissed your mamma (Forward!)/ Usually this time of day I’m in my pajamas (Forward!)/ Well, let’s vote for the man who got Osama (Forward!)/ Forward, and away we go 

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