6 things you really must see when you visit Romania

6 things you really must see when you visit Romania

Let’s be real, Romania is not necessarily the first place that comes into mind when you think about your next holiday, isn’t it? Convince yourself it’s time to head there by reading these 6 things you really must see when you visit Romania!

But first…

Maybe you don’t know much about Romania, so we are here to help.

Romania is a country located in the South-Eastern Europe that borders the Black Sea, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Hungary, Serbia and Moldova. As of the year of 2007, Romania is part of the European Union. Actually, the country is the seventh most populous member state of the EU, with almost 20 million inhabitants and its capital, Bucharest, is the sixth largest city in EU.

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What makes Romania a unique tourist attraction is the mix of mountains, seaside and historic buildings all in one country. With the traces of the communist era still visible (the communist regime was in power until the 1989 Revolution), Romania is a country developing especially in the IT area, the reason why many companies choose to invest in new branches here. But let’s not sugar coat things, being one of the poorest countries from the EU, Romania is not all flowers and bubbles. Yet, a huge big plus to visiting this state is the affordable cheap prices you will encounter, like in many East European countries.

Long story short, here are the 6 places you really must see when you visit Romania. Attention! You may surprisingly fall in love with it.

Danube’s Cauldrons

Searching for a pitoresque landscape of nature that takes your breath away? Danube’s Cauldrons is just perfect for that! The Danube river makes its way through the powerful rocks and mountains, covered in green, delighting the eyes at each second. If you’re looking to turn off the stress, life notifications and basically all negative vibes, the Danube’s Cauldrons are waiting for you with activities like hiking, fishing, boating, discovering wild caves or simply sightseeing this Romanian jellewery of nature.

Cool fact: Here you can find the tallest sculpture in stone from Europe, the statue of Decebalus, the Dacian king.

Transfăgărășan road

Transfăgărășan or the world’s best road trip according to Top Gear is a paved mountain road that crosses the Southern section of the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. Constructed between 1970 and 1972 during the communist ruler Nicolae Ceaușescu, it is the second highest mountain pass from Romania after Transalpina.

This road is adored not only by passionate drivers, but also by hikers and nature lovers. Why? As you reach the top of the road, your eyes will gaze upon the mountains reflecting into the Bâlea lake just like in a mirror. All the green around revives your adventure spirit, so you can choose to zipline near the lake or hike to Șaua Caprei to get an even better view.

P.S. – There is another lake waiting for you on the other side! Cool, huh?

Sighișoara city

Prague? Vienna? What about Sighișoara? This almost intact 16th century town is one of the most beautiful and well-preserved medieval towns in Europe.

The history of Sighișoara goes way back, during the Roman times. It’s important to know that in the 12th century, Transylvanian Saxons built the Schäßburg citadel, which today is known as the city of Sighișoara. Here you can wander and get lost in medieval reveries, visiting tourist attractions such as the Clock Tower, the Church on the hill, the Venetian House or the Church of the Dominican Monastery.

Fun fact: Sighișoara is the birthplace of the famous vampire character, Dracula. Under his real name, Vlad Țepeș, he ruled the province of Walachia (part of the actual Romania) from 1456 to 1462 under violent circumstances.

Cheile Nerei-Beușnița National Park

Another chance for an easy hike and a fresh breath of air awaits for you at the Cheile Nerei-Beușnița National Park in the South-Western part of Romania.

The mesmerizing unreal blue lakes (Ochiul Beiului), serene green wild waterfalls (Bigăr waterfall), diversitiy of plant and animal species or hiking trails are just a part of the reasons to discover this marvelous tourist attraction. So, are you ready to turn on the green vibes and visit the Cheile Nerei-Beușnița National Park?

The Danube Delta

Adventure yourself in the the best preserved delta of the European continent, The Danube Delta! Try a boat excursion to the home of over 300 species of birds: ibises, cormorants, white tailed eagles and many more. The Danube Delta has the third largest biodiversity in the world, exceeded only by the Great Barrier Reef (Australia) and the Galapagos Archipelago (Ecuador).

The three main channels of the Danube are Chilia (in the North), Sulina (in the middle), and Sfântu Gheorghe (in the South).

Did you know?

The Danube River is considered the most international river on the planet, crossing or forming borders with 9 countries and 4 capitals.

Sibiu city

The Sibiu city was the European Capital of Culture in 2007, along Luxembourg. Moreover, Forbes magazine ranked Sibiu as “Europe’s eighth most idyllic place to live” in 2008.

If this isn’t enough to convince you to give it a try, find out that Sibiu or Hermannsdt in German was the largest and wealthiest citadel built by the Transylvanian Saxons in the 12th century. The first hospital, pharmacy, book and the oldest museum from Romania (Brukenthal) are to be found in Sibiu.

So, we can agree that no matter if you are into mountains, deltas, waterfalls, old historical buildings, you will find something to match your taste in Romania. All that is left now is to book a flight, reserve a room and enjoy the hidden beauty of this country!

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