A hangover? Here are 5 ways to recover quickly

A hangover? Here are 5 ways to recover quickly

Everybody hates a bad hangover after a night of fun, it’s a fact. Symptoms like headache, nausea and generally feeling lifeless can ruin your plans for the next day. Continue reading and find out the 5 ways to cure fast a terrible hangover!

You should know: Of course the best way to cure a hangover is to never have it. Prevention is the answer for everything, no doubt. To prevent hangovers it’s important to eat before consuming alcohol, hydrate yourself well, drink slowly and avoid mixing different types of alcohol.

Greasy food all the way


To be honest, who doesn’t love a cheat day especially after a crazy night out and an even crazier hangover? Even though, generally speaking such food should not be a part of your daily menu, now it’s time to treat yourself like it’s your birthday!

It seems that greasy food can actually help your body get over those terrible hangover symptoms. So, feel free to go and order all the cheeseburgers, french fries, sauces and hotdogs, of course consumed responsably.

Water, water and… more water


In times of “draught”, your body needs hydration like skin needs SPF protection on summer days! This magical potion, H2O, might come in more handy than you expect. That’s because water helps getting the alcohol out of your organism and renew all the blood cells. Also, don’t forget that you get dehydrated while overdrinking, so this is really a must.

Reminder: You should drink approximately 2.5 litres per day and 3 litres in the summertime/day. Our favourite saying is: “A couple of bottles of water a day keep the hangover away!”.

Exercises are the key


Contrary to the expectations, exercises and physical effort are recommended if you want to get rid of hangover. A plus in exercising is that you forget for a couple of hours how bad you feel and at the same time, have some fun. Also, this helps your body get out of the lifeless mood.

Sweat it out right now, but keep in mind to take a bottle of water with you to prevent dehydration.

Lemon time


Maybe you are not the biggest fan of lemon, but now it’s time to become one. Why? Because lemon has mysterious benefits that you need, especially when you have a hangover. Some warm water with squeezed lemon and a bit of honey will make your digestion better, get you rid of unwanted nausea and cheer your spirit up.

So, if last night you liked “Lemonade”, now you’ll like some lemon!

Your best friend, the yoghurt


Just like lemon, a simple, light yoghurt can go a long way, but it’s unfortunately usually forgotten in the battle against a hangover. We are sure you already have one waiting for you in the fridge or on the table, in the kitchen – that’s what makes it such an accessible method.

The benefits of consuming yoghurt include improving digestion and curing nausea.

All in all, we hope you found the method that works for you, makes your organism feel better and enables you to enjoy the day!

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