How to sleep easier and better in 5 steps

How to sleep easier and better in 5 steps

Do you know that moment when you get in bed, turn off the lights, close your eyes, but aren’t able to sleep? We have all been there for sure and it can be very unpleasant, especially when you need to wake up early in the morning. Find out how to sleep easier and better in 5 steps, from this article!

But first of all…

Reasons why you can’t get sleep

Sleep is precious, way more precious than we thought when we were small kids for sure. Who wouldn’t want those daily naps again in their life?! That’s impossible though, so let’s just see what are the reasons why you can’t get any sleep.

  • You don’t have the right environment. Maybe your room and settings are not sleep friendly enough.
  • You overthink before sleep. Actually, you can’t stop thinking and that basically ruins your sleep.
  • You eat before sleeping, so your body is forced to stay up because of the energy, digestion and so on.
  • You have a chaotic schedule, working late or being super active until night time.
  • Plus many more reasons.

The 5 steps that will help you sleep easier and better

1. Start a bedtime routine ASAP

Even if you aren’t a schedule type of person, it’s time to make room into your life to a habit very useful for you and your sleep. A bedtime routine means setting in your mind a specific hour when you go to sleep every night, but also an hour when you wake up.

Don’t forget that consistency is king, so respect your bedtime routine and in short time you will see the results!

2. Drink some tea right before going to bed

A herbal drink like chamomile tea might be what you were looking for. Studies show that the warmth of the tea helps the body relax and reduces the anxiety that causes sleeping difficulties. Long story short, just enjoy a big cup of hot tea, close your eyes gently and let the calmness wash all over you.

Tip: Have a specific number of slept hours (let’s say minimum 7) that you want to reach each night. Make that your goal!

3. Keep a journal close to you

Yeah, you’re gonna laugh and say: “What are we in highschool again?”. Laugh all you want, yet it seems that overthinking can be avoided with a trick as simple as writing your thoughts in a personal diary. Everybody knows how hard it can be sometimes to detach from the fog of thoughts present in our minds. More than ever, before sleep we are inclined to overthink, so just give the journal a try!

Super-tip: If you have a chaotic schedule, like most people have, this habit will help you see things in your life more clearly.

4. Create the most comfortable enviroment

Whatever that may mean to you. We advice you to have a dark cave-like, not too warm room, with a cozy bed, a sound on the background if that’s your thing. You can find all sorts of soothing sounds on YouTube for free, like rain, jazz music etc.

Also, keep a glass of water near the bed just in case and try not to use the phone one hour before sleeping.

5. Avoid eating before sleep by all means

As mentioned before, eating means that your body will have to stay up more hours to digest. Not even mentioning sugar foods which give you more energy and aren’t friends with sleep. Avoid eating 2 hours before going to sleep. Make this a habit and observe the differences!

Bonus: Exercising throughout the day helps you use your energy and might help you sleep better.

So, forget of the nights with no sleep or bad sleeping and enter the awesome land of heavenly sleep with these 5 tips. We are glad that we helped you get there!

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