This is how you become more popular on Instagram

This is how you become more popular on Instagram

There is a lot of hype around Instagram lately: new lit filters, the possibility to make polls on Instastories, the instafilter with the scary noise and the already old Boomerang. There’s no surprise people want to get famous on this platform! So, this is a guide to become more popular on Instagram. 

Use hashtags, but not too many

Instagramis like the home of hashtags. How can you wish to play the game if you don’t follow the rules? Use hashtags to be found by people with the same interests, hobbies and passions. For example, if you are a travel blogger, use hashtags such as #travelblogger, #wanderer, #instatravel and so on. The trick is not to use too many hashtags (20? No way!), but use enough!

Follow people from your niche

Another uber cool benefit of hashtags is that you can also use them to find users from your niche. Let’s say you own a fashion online shop. Of course hashtags like #fashionshop, #2017trends (or 2018, maybe?) will help you connect with people that have things in common with you.

Support others


You can use all the tricks, but nothing will ever beat honest and authentic support for other users. Keep in mind that a follow, a heart and a more than 5 words comment can go a long way!

Post at the right time

At this step, you will have to play a bit the detective. Observe your audience and see when they are most active and when they are not, what type of content they prefer, how can you get more engagement from them.

Interract with your audience

A must-do is the use of call-to-actions in your captions. Ask questions and truly interract with your audience, don’t just put an emoji or a blank space. People are more likely to respond to your posts if you do so!

Share behind the scenes photos

Nobody likes a perfect gallery with perfect selfies and a perfect person. Maybe because perfection doesn’t exist?! Try to post from time to time behind the scenes photos with natural poses, goofy moments. Don’t always be super serious!

Use videos, not only photos

The easier it is to digest content, the more likely you are to get success. People prefer videos to images and articles, that’s no secret. Test and post a couple of videos to see how your audience responds to them.

Edit your photos using other apps

A no filter gallery will not attract the so wanted popularity on Instagram. Add other editing apps like Snapseed, VSCO etc. to edit your photos and make them look more professional. Aesthetics matter, therefore try to use the same filters and editing methods all the time so you have an eye-pleasing gallery.

The most important step is nevertheless to bring value to your followers through your posts. That must be the most instagrammable thing ever. We wish you good luck on the way to becoming more popular on Instagram!

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