Tienjarige solliciteert met keischattige brief bij universiteit van Cambridge om Lego-professor te worden

Tienjarige solliciteert met keischattige brief bij universiteit van Cambridge om Lego-professor te worden

De universiteit van Cambridge is op zoek naar een Lego-professor. Voor een salaris van ruim 95.000 euro per jaar, deels betaald door de Lego Foundation, gaat de prof onderzoek doen naar de vraag of spelen belangrijk is voor de ontwikkeling van een kind. De tienjarige Aedhan Brown voelde zich aangesproken en schreef onderstaande brief naar de unief. “I am the best candidate for the job of professor of play in education because I am 10 years old and I love to play.”

Aedhan Brown

Dit is het antwoord dat hij kreeg van het bedrijf dat de rekrutering regelt, Perrett Laver:

Dear Aedhan,

A thousand thanks to you for sending to us your application for the Lego Professorship at the University of Cambridge. There was so much which was impressive about your application. We loved:

– that you are so good at Lego

– that you can hyperfocus and yet also explain things

– that you have shown that you can read about research into a subject like autism so thoroughly

– that you have such a clear vision for the future and especially that you have the entrepreneurship to want to own your own gaming company AND yet that the reason for that is to make all children happy.

Thank you for your inspiring letter.

I’m sorry to say that the University has told us that they want the Lego Professor to be someone who has a PhD and who has already published books and lots of articles and all sorts of things like that. There were about 200 people who wanted to be the Lego Professor and the University will only interview 4 or 5. So I think that this time you probably won’t be invited forward to be interviewed.

BUT let me promise you two things and say a third:

1. When we have had our meeting with the “Board of Electors” at the University, we will send you a formal letter so you know for sure. (I’m sorry that the letter may be a little dull but we have to do this as part of our work on the job process.)

2. We will also send a special note to the Lego Foundation to tell them about your interest. Who knows? – they might want to stay in touch with you for future possibilities.

3. You are just the sort of ‘future leader’ that Perrett Laver likes to know about – this is very exciting! You spotted an interesting job opportunity and you were willing not just to think about it but to DO something about it. This is EXACTLY the sort of thing which will be great for you as you become a leader yourself. This is the way that you will find a job where three things come together:

a. What you love doing

b. What you’re really good at and

c. What will help other people.

And when you do that, then life really is worthwhile.

With many thanks for your interest and with very best wishes,

David and all at Perrett Laver

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