What you need to know before you start using Airbnb as a guest

What you need to know before you start using Airbnb as a guest

If you are looking for a cheap deal for the next holiday you are planning, you are in the right spot. Airbnb is a thing now and that’s why we are going to present you what you need to know before you start using it as a guest.

What is Airbnb?

Airbnb is an American company which hosts an online website that works as a marketplace for renting and leasing places, homes, experiences from all over around the world for holidays, vacations etc. Their motto is “Unforgettable trips start with Airbnb” and they try to instill this in their services as much as possible.

Everything you need to know about it as a guest

  • Airbnb doesn’t own anything.

A very interesting fact you need to know before starting to use Airbnb is that it doesn’t actually own anything. Working as a broker, the company receives a percentage from the service fees from guests and hosts, because yes, you can also host using Airbnb.

  • Airbnb is a bargain, but it depends.

Comparing the prices to the ones of the hotels, Airbnb wins, but of course it depends on many factors: amenities, location, quality etc. For example, an Airbnb accommodation in a big city will be way cheaper than a hotel, while one in a smaller city will not be very different in price.

Fact: In January 2018, Airbnb had over 3.000.000 lodging listings in 65.000 cities and 191 countries.

  • Airbnb doesn’t use cash payment in person.

An important thing to know is that Airbnb is not using cash payment in person and relies only on online payment. After making the reservation you can pay via credit card, Paypal or other listed methods on the website.

  • Airbnb is safe and secure for you and your family.

Concerning the safety and security of the platform, Airbnb has implemented some standards for all Airbnb users. Providing identification, implementing host garantuees for damages and improving the review system are just a part of them.

Major tip: The best deals are to be found near the outskirts of the major metropolitan areas!

  • Airbnb can be an awesome experience.

All in all, Airbnb can be an awesome experience, especially since hosts usually have interesting stories about travelers they’ve met until now. Also, you can learn a lot about the culture you have encountered and their traditions. On the other hand, you need to take in consideration what kind of traveler you are and if an Airbnb accommodation suits your needs and expectations.

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