Where can you spend your Bitcoins?

Where can you spend your Bitcoins?

Do you have Bitcoins and don’t know where you can spend them? Here are the most important sites, apps and platforms that accept this online gold. 

Cryptocurrencies are getting bigger by day and while most people are still only familiar with Bitcoins, we made this list of apps, sites and places where you can use them. One of the points that creates more skepticism about crypto is: “What can I do with them besides storing them or trading them?”, and it is one of the reasons why it crashed during the holiday season. Not only do people not know where to spend them, but there also isn’t a huge supply out there yet. So their value plummets whenever a time comes when people need cash that can actually be used at every store and every site.

Coin Map

First of all, you should always check Coin Map to see if there is a physical location around you that accepts BitCoin. This site is designed like Google maps so you just zoom in at where you are, click on a place and it will give you the type of store, the address, phone number, email, website and for how long they’ve been accepting Bitcoin. Additionally it has a search feature at the bottom right, however it is very keyword sensitive so you will struggle using it unless you know exactly what you’re looking for.


When it comes to sites, Overstock is the most recommended and most used site for your coins. It is an online retailer that has 2 huge markets covered, the home decoration and the clothing and accessories. On top of that, they have Worldstock, a fair trade platform for handmade products coming from anywhere in the world.


Expedia was the first and largest travelling website to accept Bitcoin to date. They offer you a chance to travel worldwide by train or plane, book hotels, rent a car, and even make reservations at restaurants or pay the entrance fee at a museum you will visit during your stay.


On the same area of business, there is also Bitcoin.Travel whose biggest difference to Expedia is that you can pay using almost any currency in the world. If you consider yourself an exchange expert, then you will probably figure out a good way to profit while booking your trips. In terms of accessibility, both sites are extremely clean and user friendly so it’s just a matter of picking your favourite and comparing Bitcoin prices between them before making your final decision.


If you prefer Xbox to Playstation, then you can purchase their currency to buy games and DLC (downloadable content) with Bitcoin. Not only that, Microsoft will let you use it to get other PC and online games as well as to buy movies or apps from the Microsoft app store. Unfortunately, it stops there as you can’t actually buy any Windows or Office product with Bitcoin.


Another huge computer company, Dell, has been allowing customers to order their hardware and accessories with Bitcoin, however this is still not possible everywhere, only in the US, UK and Canada.

Green Man Gaming

For gaming, in opposition to the Microsoft store, you can do it on Green Man Gaming. The obvious advantage here is that you can buy Playstation and Nintendo games that are from Microsoft’s biggest competitors. So, overall you can purchase games for every console with Bitcoin.


Gift cards

If there is a site on which you want to spend your coins and still can’t, then you should really check all the gift card websites that allow you to use Bitcoin, so that you can access pretty much every site with one intermediate. On Gyft you can redeem cards from a wide variety of powerhouse companies such as Amazon, Ebay, Nike, Starbucks, Apple App store or even Uber.

E-Gifter is another one of these sites that offers an immense variety of gift cards and really the biggest difference you’ll find while scrolling is Adidas. If your mojo is Impossible is Nothing, then go with E-Gifter, otherwise just check them both to see if there are different offers for the same company.

Be careful

This article should end with the warning that you should be very careful when deciding to spend your Bitcoins. You could be buying a computer with an amount of currency that may buy 2 or 3 of those in a couple of weeks. The other reason people are not spending them to buy real products, is because their valuation is so volatile they fear they may end up like Laszlo Hanyecz.

Did you know that the first ever Bitcoin transaction with a real product happened in 2010? Back then this crypto was worth a mere 4.1 cents of a dollar. He used 10 thousands of those to order 2 Domino’s Pizzas through a middleman on an online forum. That means that as of today’s prices, poor Laszlo, a Bitcoin developer, spent just about 155 million dollars to buy 2 pizzas!

Now you know where to spend your online gold. Be careful though, most cryptocurrencies are just now climbing the first slope of a crazy roller coaster ride and you may one day realize you were just like Laszlo.

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