2013 voor Jennifer Aniston: 9x zwanger, 4x getrouwd

Het is een jaaroverzicht zoals geen ander, dat van Jennifer Aniston. De actrice was opvallend vaak zwanger, getrouwd of terug single, maar door de roddels achter elkaar te zetten valt pas echt op hoe bont de ‘boekskes’ het maken. Hallucinant.

2 januari 2013: Getrouwd

“She wanted to see if it was possible for them to have a fairly easy and private occasion. Mexico was the perfect place to give it a dry run.” (via: Gossip Cop)

3 januari 2013: Relatieproblemen

The trip was a last-ditch attempt to “save the wedding!” (via: Gossip Cop)

9 januari 2013: Zwanger

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The tabloid explains that although “she has yet to confirm the pregnancy reports, the normally tight and toned Friends actress’ belly was impossible to miss.” (via: Gossip Cop)

10 januari: Relatieproblemen

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Volgens een ‘body language expert’ tonen de foto’s “that Aniston is “livid” with Theroux, and he’s “tense” and “holding back anger.” (via Gossip Cop)

1 februari: Zwanger

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Jennifer Aniston is “already planning for what happens after she gives birth,” claims OK!, explaining that the actress is “not going to let motherhood stop her from staying sexy!” (via Gossip Cop)

5 februari: Relatieproblemen

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Perez claims this alleged “marriage boot camp” occurred over a three-day period in Santa Monica, and entailed therapy sessions including “screaming classes.” (via Gossip Cop)

13 februari: Zwanger

“Aniston and Theorux have been delaying an official public announcement, but that hasn’t stopped them from pursuing baby talk with their dearest friends”. De actrice zou zwanger zijn van een tweeling, een jongen en een meisje. (via Gossip Cop)

25 februari: Zwanger

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We’d initially brushed off rumors that Aniston would be debuting a baby bump at the Oscars, but the placement of Theroux’s hand on his his fiancée’s belly has us on high alert. (bron: Huffington Post)

13 maart: Getrouwd

“It happened at their Bel Air house shortly after their vacation in Mexico. It was super top-secret, and they shared it with a handpicked group from their inner circles.” (via: Gossip Cop)

16 maart: Adoptie

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“She’s seriously considering [adoption] as an option, given her age and the fact that Charlize says it’s the most rewarding thing she’s ever done,” a source said. (Bron: Showbizspy)

17 april: Zwanger

Jennifer Aniston is set to be a “Pregnant Bride!” blares a new cover story from Star, which claims the actress is “expecting a baby with her soon-to-be husband,” Justin Theroux. (via Gossip Cop)

24 april: Huwelijk uitgesteld

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Jennifer Aniston and her fiancé Justin Theroux have delayed their wedding for a few months – because they can’t agree on the size of the bash.

Dit ‘exclusieve bericht’ verandert alles en deed de hele berichtgeving kantelen. (Bron: Daily Mail)

8 mei: Huwelijk afgeblazen

Star says Aniston and Theroux had a “nasty” fight at the Soho House in L.A. last month — over her alleged “ex-lover” Gerard Butler.  After this supposed “blowout,” Aniston and Theroux “called off their nuptials.” (via: Gossip Cop)

10 juni: Zwanger

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The reporter says, “She showed up in this really tight, strapless… I mean loose-flowing, strapless gown.” (via Gossip Cop)

19 juni: Huwelijk afgeblazen

Jennifer Aniston’s wedding dreams have been “crushed” by fiancé Justin Theroux, reports a new cover story fromOK!, which claims the pair have called their supposed “winter getaway” nuptials. (via: Gossip Cop)

2 juli: Relatieproblemen

“The walk down the aisle is currently 3,000 miles long for Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux whose wedding plans have been shelved while they’re living on separate coasts.” (via: Gossip Cop)

8 juli: Relatieproblemen

Justin must undergo intensive therapy to work through his commitment issues, or — buh-bye!” (via Gossip Cop)

31 juli: Zwanger

According to the tabloid In Touch, “ater years of fertility treatments the world’s eyes are on the 44-year-old’s growing bump.” (via Gossip Cop)

7 augustus: Huwelijk gepland

After receiving formal invites to the do at their new Bel Air mansion, pals are privately convinced a surprise wedding will unfold. (Bron: Mirror)

10 augustus: Huwelijk vandaag

Extra privacy, professional coiffure…for a birthday party? (bron: Eonline)

21 augustus: Getrouwd

A purported “insider” at the bash tells the tab the pair “summoned” guests to the hall of their mansion, making everyone think the party was actually their wedding. (via Gossip Cop)

18 september: Zwanger

It’s 100 percent false, which might be why the outlet has been too embarrassed to put such a big alleged “scoop” on its website. (Via: Gossip Cop)

23 oktober: Zwanger

The magazine alleges that the star has been “undergoing IVF fertility treatments for some time now,” quoting a so-called “insider” as saying, “Jen’s hoping for twins.” (via Gossip Cop)

13 november: Zwanger EN relatieprobleem

Jens dream falls apart as Justin refuses to get married and storms off to NYC without her. (via Gossip Cop)

14 november: Relatieprobleem

“Aniston’s new bob says more about the status of her relationship with [Theroux] than anything else.” (via Gossip Cop)

20 november 2013: Relatieprobleem

“Multiple insiders reveal that work, distance and insecurity have driven [Aniston] and [Theroux] apart in recent months and that their wedding is on hold as their relationship grinds to a halt.” (via Gossip Cop)

5 december: Relatieprobleem

Deze foto van Jennifer, Ed Sheeran en manager Aleen Keshishian gedeeld op Thanksgiving (29 november) was bron voor geroddel. Verschillende bronnen suggereren dat “Theroux was conspicuously absent from his fiancée’s celebration.” (via Gossip Cop)

11 december: Relatieprobleem

According to a purported “insider” for the tabloid, “They broke up and the wedding is off; it happened over the long Thanksgiving weekend.” (via Gossip Cop)

12 december: Relatieprobleem

“Jen and Justin have hit a rough patch,” explains a so-called “friend,” adding, “Right now, there are no wedding plans, no baby plans and no more buying houses together.” (via Gossip Cop)

15 december 2013 – SHOCK! ZE ZIJN NOG SAMEN

Op het einde van het jaar blijkt dat er geen kind is, geen huwelijk en geen relatieprobleem. (bron: Daily Mail) Dat werd nog eens bevestigd eens de vakantiefoto’s uit Cabo (Mexico) binnenliepen: Jen &  Justin, samen en zonder babybuik, op het strand. (Zie EOnline)

OK, Life & Style, Star, In Touch en Hello hebben zich (nog maar eens) van het onbetrouwbaarste getoond dat er op de markt is, ook al hebben de meer gerespecteerde bladen Us Weekly en People zich ook wel eens laten vangen. Voor 2014: meer gezond verstand en cool, jongens?

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