Dit is het meest sexy Instagram-account dat je dit weekend zal vinden

Mannen en boeken, veel beter zal het voor ons niet worden. Op het Instagram-account @hotdudesreading vind je de meest sexy lezende mannen op de New Yorkse metro en ook de onderschriften zijn geniaal. #thickbooksthickbeards: laat maar komen!

Wat denk je hier bijvoorbeeld van?

Spotted this scruffy prince on his morning commute. Probably to sculpture class. I’m sure he’s reading a collection of post-war Russian short stories, but really thinking of how he made love to his French girlfriend this morning and the gluten free toast they shared after. #marryme #hotdudesreading

Of heb je ze liever in kostuum?

Dapper Dude Alert! Damn. Whatever prose he’s reading cannot match the beauty of that full beard. He’s like the hot English professor of my dreams, only with way better hair. #voluntarydetention#hotdudesreading

Geen probleem

Good morning, single bachelor. Nothing gives me more hope than a banker without a band. Almost has that dangerous Patrick Bateman vibe, but I can tell he’s a nice guy on account of the black loafers and blue socks. He’s probably listening to Taylor Swift in those headphones. #blankspace #hotdudesreading

Deze “casual casanova” is anders ook niet mis

Look at this Casual Casanova. He doesn’t know it yet but that book is all about how personal interaction is essential to city life. If only he’d look up from those pages. I want that beanie on my bedroom floor.#TheDeathAndLifeOfGreatAmericanCities#hotdudesreading

Net als deze “man with goals” trouwens

Isn’t he adorable? With that textbook he could be studying, or maybe he’s just casually teaching himself to code. Either way, he looks like a man with goals. I bet his mother is so proud. In fact, he’s probably on his way to see her now. #futureinlaws#hotdudesreading

Dit zie je niet vaak op de trein van Brussel naar Oostende

Check out this Brooklyn-bound boss’ material. Maybe he’s an aspiring actor/writer/producer/director/nudist looking for tips. Doesn’t matter, I love a man getting in touch with his feminine side. When will he get in touch with mine? Just kidding. #notthatkindofgirl #hotdudesreading

Op naar New York dus!

The book may be obscure but I’m sure this crisp cutie is reading it long before it becomes cool. He probably spent all night dancing at the best underground party in Bushwick, and he still looks flawless. Can’t wait to see his record collection.#stacked #hotdudesreading

Of volg gewoon het Instagram-account.

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