A citytrip to Bucharest, Romania? This is what you really must do

A citytrip to Bucharest, Romania? This is what you really must do

Have you planned a citytrip to Bucharest, Romania, andyou have no idea how to spend your time not to miss anything? This is what you really must do … keep reading to find out all the fun activities we have prepared for you.

A brief presentation of the city

  • Is the capital and largest city of Romania, while being also its cultural, industrial and financial centre.
  • Is located in the South-East part of the country.
  • Became the capital of Romania in 1862.
  • It was called “The small Paris” between the World Wars due to the similar architecture of the buildings.

The must-do’s when you visit Bucharest

Taste the amazing local cuisine


While Vienna has its schnitzel, Budapest has its goulash, Bucharest has a variety of Romanian special dishes, such as borș, sarmale, mici, papanași and many more. Don’t worry, they are not spicy! What you need to know about the Romanian cuisine is that it is an interesting, tasty mix from different traditions. The main influences are derived from the cuisine of the Ottoman Empire and the Balkan countries.

There are a couple of traditional restaurants in the capital, where you can enjoy these dishes: La Mama, Concerto Restaurant, Vatra etc. If you would like to try the Romanian wines too, there are plenty of wine bars which you can choose: Pâine și Vin, Abel’s Wine Bar, Winestone (Novotel Hotel).

Get inspired by the contrasts of this city


The city of Bucharest is like a cocktail of architectural styles, contrasting from traditional old buildings to modern skyscrapers. Gaze at the second largest administrative building in the world, the Palace of Parliament, and admire the classy and elegant Romanian Athenaeum.

Even more, if you are a museum lover, you can choose from the National Art Museum, the Museum of the Romanian Peasant, the Grigore Antipa Natural History Museum or the Theodor Aman Museum!

Enjoy the silence of the churches


Sometimes a moment of silence and reflection is much needed and appreciated. If this is your slice of pie while you go on vacations, we prepared a list with the most beautiful churches from Bucharest, that you need to visit ASAP:

  • Stavropoleos is a tiny church located in the Old City Center. What makes it special is the architectural style used, called “Brâncovenesc”.
  • Antim is one of the churches saved from the demolitions ordered in the past by the communist rulers.
  • Spiridon represents the largest church in Bucharest and is known for the Renaissance style interior paintings.

Relax in one of the many parks


Besides new and old buildings and churches, Bucharest is a city filled with big green parks and welcoming gardens. They can save you if you are visiting the city in the Summer season, when it can be extremely hot. If it’s not the case, or you are visiting in other seasons, it is either way a perfect place to discover and get lost in the beauty of the nature surrounding you.

Wander in Cișmigiu Gardens, the city’s first public garden, or take a boat trip on the lake of Herăstrău Park. Stroll through the French style Carol Park, named after King Carol I of Romania, or jog in the biggest park of the capital, Tineretului Park. If you are into smaller gardens, we recommend you Grădina Icoanei, which is located in the heart of Bucharest.

Adventure yourself in the vibrant nightlife


Oh, Bucharest’s nightlife! You can’t deny that this capital’s nightlife is wild, fun and vibrant. Whether you are a lover of fancy and extravagant clubs or you prefer more hipsterish places, Bucharest’s diversity of clubs and pubs will answer to your needs.

We advise you to start with a drink (or two) at one of the many pubs from the Old Center. Then you can head to glam trendy places like Fratelli, Nuba, Funky Lounge Herăstrău or more alternative hipsterish clubs such as Expirat, Eden, Baraka and have the time of your life.

Recover in the biggest urban beach in Europe

After all of these energy-consuming fun activities is time to recover and recharge your batteries for your next trip! Who wouldn’t love to enjoy a day of detaching from stress, responsabilities, a day of just swimming at the pool? What better place to do that than at the biggest urban beach in Europe?

Located just 10 minutes away from the city, Therme Bucharest has 9 pools, 6 saunas, 4 wet saunas and 16 water slides open all year round. Also, here you will find the largest botanical garden of the country, with over 800.000 plants, 1.500 palm trees, numerous orchids and so on. Just imagine drinking your cocktail in this paradise!

Well, now you know what you really must do when you visit the capital of Romania, Bucharest. Have you already been there and you have more suggestions? We are waiting for them in the comment section. Safe trips!

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